• Update your Profile

    • Before we start, please edit your profile to make sure the details we have are correct and so that we can all see what you look like!

  • Introduce Yourself


    • We encourage you to communicate and collaborate during the workshop and to share you thoughts & ideas with your peers Below you will find tools which invite you to introduce yourself and talk to each other

  • Photos of your Home

    • Please share with us photos of your country, your favorite places, your home and family.

      Upload the photos from your computer or look for internet photos.

  • Define Tempus-DOIT Project

    • How about to write down concepts that represent the DOIT project and write the concept's definition.

  • Blog about the 2nd meeting

    • Please summarize your experience so far at the 2nd Conference at Landau.

      You can read what other partners wrote and comment if you like.

  • Favorite Books Depository

    Please review with us your favorite book.

  • How can we Help?

    • Our committed DOIT technical support staff is ready now to provide all partners a fast, responsive and professional support.

      We will maintain our support ONLY through the support form.

  • Build your Work Team!

    • Turn Edit On or Off option allows Leaders to add files and activities to the course. It can be found as a link in the Settings block Administration Block Turn Editing on.JPG or as a button Turn edit on button.JPG at the top right of a course homepage. This option is only available to teachers of the course.

    • Adding Resources (files) and Activities to course

      1. Go to your team's homepage.
      2. Ensure editing is turned on.
      3. Go to the section (topic) where you would like the new resource or activity to be placed.
      4. Select  the 'Add an activity or resource' menu.
      5. Select the appropriate option from the pull down list:

    • In Turn Editing On mode course files and activities may be added, removed, indented, moved, updated, deleted, hidden, shown.

      Editing resources (files)/activities icons:

       Edit.gif - the edit icon goes to the "update" or "settings" screen for the activity or resource
       Open.gif - the open-eye icon means an item is visible to students. It will close when you click on it
       Closed.gif    - the closed-eye icon means an item is hidden from students. It will open when you click on it
      Right.gif - the right icon is used to indent course elements (there is also a left icon)
      Move.gif   - move icon allows course elements to be placed anywhere
      Movehere.gif  - change name of the file/activity
       Delete.gif    - delete icon will permanently delete something from the course
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