Weekly outline


    Presentations and National Conferences


    The purpose of this section is to present all of our dissemination events that occur within our countries and institutions.   This section should include Presentations that we make to promote DOIT's programs and results in workshops, institutional meetings, for departments within a university, and even for national conferences.

    We look forward to you adding the events that occur in your institution or beyond within your country that promotes DOIT.

    Thank you

  • New Event after June 2014

  • June 2014: Field Monitoring in ISrael

    On June 19, 2014, our new project officer, Ms. Chiara Abla Tiberi will be making a visit to Gordon College for field monitoring of our DOIT project.  Included in this site is Rhonda's Presentation (a draft).  You are welcome to review it and make comments for revisions.

  • Kaye's Conference March 25-26 2014

    Please read the "Call for papers" for Kaye's Conference "Educational Encounters-Between Culture and Pedagogy".

  • November 18, 2013: BTC Workshop in Jerusalem

    On November 18 the Bologna Training Center at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is holding an international workshop on planning and managing international projects. 

    The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the inner workings of EU project development and implementation. The expert lectures focus on\ different aspects of international project planning and management and will
    provide participants with best practices for the planning and
    management of successful internationalprojects. We hope this workshop will benefit Israeli higher education stakeholders in their international cooperation endeavors and their overall strategies for internationalization.

  • Conference in Kutaisi: Nov 16-17 2013

    Ilia Chavchavadze parliamentary library of Kutaisi is organizing   an international conference on November 16-17, 2013. The problems of education will be discussed there. DOIT's Sokhumi State University team will be participating in  the conference and present the following topics:

     1. Culture and Identity in Abkhazia (Lia Akhaladze, Tamar Shinjiashvili).

    2. Multicultural education and new teaching methods for teachers of primary level (Rusudan Pipia, Brolisa Tsulaia)

    3. Human rights and international legal aspects of state recognition (Tamar Jojua, Omar Ardshelia)

     During SSU's presentation of papers we will mark  that  these topics are  developed under DOIT and will briefly talk about the  grant  and our activities. Then we will discuss a specific theme, which is based on Banks, as well as on others works, including the materials used in DOIT's project site.

    All topics will be presented in power point which will be uploaded below.

  • June 2, 2013: DOIT for Oranim's Sociology Department

    Rhonda is presenting DOIT's program for the Sociology Department where one of DOIT's courses will be piloted next year.  This is an important part of our dissemination beyond our consortium process to other institutions.

  • May 26,2013: Israeli National Conference on Educational Management

    Around 100 professionals representing at least 10 different universities and  academic colleges as well as key stakeholders in the Ministry of Education attended this conference.

  • May 20, 2013 to Oranim's MA Academic Secretariat Committee

    May 20, 2013

  • May 5, 2013: Israeli Field Monitoring Meeting

    Field Monitoring Visit: May 5, 2013.

    Participants: GCE: Dr. Rhonda Sofer, Dr. Roxana Reichman

                       SAC: Dr. Manal Yazbak Abu Ahmad

                       KAYE: Miriam Schildcraft

                        SAP: Dr. Odef Wolfstein and Liraz Alush

                        IDC: Dr. Ora Nakash

                        BGU: Prof. Ronen Peretz and Hannah Moscovitz

                        SUIDC: Assaf

    Field Monitors from NTO: Shira Lanir and Marissa Gross

    The meeting began with each member introducing themselves and explaining the working team that they are working with and the progress of each team.  In addition , each member explained how their institution is integrating DOIT's courses for the next year of pilots.

    Rhonda presented the power-point presentation that is uploaded in the portal and members commented as we went around.  

    After the field monitoring visit, Oded's team of Israeli Ethnic and Minority Groups met and finalized the topics, delegated tasks and set deadlines (May 31st).  At this meeting we were jointed by 2 additional members of the BGU team: Moshe Amir and Joel from the Ben Gurion Bologna Training Center.

  • April 21, 2013: Rhonda's Presentation to Gordon's Academic Council

    On April 21, 2013 Rhonda presented DOIT to Gordon's Academic Council.  The presentation was in Hebrew and is uploaded in this section.

  • FEB 12: Israeli DOIT Meeting


    1.  Discussing Consortium Meeting #2 and role of Israeli members in the different working teams.

    2.  Summary of Working Teams and what they are doing.

    3.  Presentation by BGU Team on ECT and Learning Outcomes.

    4.  Creating a Dissemination Team to work with Eric.

    5.  Delegating tasks for Israeli Ethnic and Minoiry Groups.

    6.  Financial Management.

    7.  Sapir-presentaion of the portal and launching the porta..

  • January 6, 2013 DOIT event in collaboration with US Embassy of Israel

    January 6th:  With Embassy of the USA—Prof. Uslaner :  Diversity, Segregation and Trust.   DOIT workshop with Prof. Uslaner  3 partners represented by  9 members participated.  Hannah, Manal, Yaser, Roxana, Rhonda, Laura, Uri, Cadit, Stan.   + Open lecture to the public—40 people attended.

  • June 6,7 Georgian Field Monitoring

    The National Tempus Office of Georgia will be field monitoring our Georgian Institutions in Tbilisi and Telavi.  Our Georgian team will be summarizing this event and uploading the powerpoint presentations that they used for this meeting.

  • Oct 2012: Introducing DOIT to Gordon's Faculty

    At the opening event at Gordon Academic College in October 2013, Rhonda presented DOIT to all of the faculty.  Around 250 members of Gordon's staff attended this event.  The presentation is attached below.