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Field Monitoring in Georgia
by Rhonda Sofer - Friday, 7 June 2013, 1:43 PM

Congratulations to our Georgian Team of DOIT for the successful  National Field monitoring of DOIT's Tempus project in Georgia..  Ms. Lika Glonti, Georgia's National Tempus Representatin was responsible for the field monitoring and was accompanied by  Mr. Franz Steidele, the project officier of Georgian Tempus Projects from  the EACEA.   There were two different monitoring visits.  The first, on Thursday June 6th took place   at  Tbilisi State University, with the participation of DOIT's team from  TSU, ISU, SSU, CID, CCIRR.   The second moitoring visit occurred on Friday June 7th at Telavi State Univeristy with the participation of the DOIT team from there.  

I had the pleasure of being "skyped" into the meetings and it was really exciting to listen as well as to participate (when allowed!).  Lika and Franz were really pleased with DOIT's accomplishments to date in Georgia and we all can be proud of our partner's in Georgia and their hard professional work.  

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Linz in a few weeks.  Until then, let me wish you all progress with your work (we all know there is still alot to be done!)!

See you soon,