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DOIT's 3rd Consortium Meeting in Linz
by Rhonda Sofer - Thursday, 27 June 2013, 4:32 PM

We have finished our 4 day consortium meeting in Linz.  60 partners from our 21 institutions and 7 countries have come together and have acheived the main objectives of our meeting.  Our working teams worked intensively and with great dedication to develop their syllabi and all are very close to their final draft.  One team, Identity and Culture in a Multicultural Environment even succeeded in completing their syllabus and it is uploaded to our portal.

Our students, coached by our competent NGO's are all set to begin their pilot "out of the classroom" program in September/October 2013.

Our Portall "Swat" team was there to support our progress and guide us through some new features on the portal.

Our Dissemination process is on it's way through conference participation, printing and publishing plans for our materials, and new processes, such as an e-newsletter, twitter, etc.

Very exciting are the new ideas for other initiatives and collaboration, including some exciting ideas to continue to develop DOIT's objectives and programs beyond the life of the product.

I want to thank all of DOIT's participants for your hard work and collaborative spirit which enabled us to accomplish our goals.

We are really DOingIT!!!   See some of you soon at the international conferences in Brighton and maybe even in Georgia and Israel! 

Best Wishes, Rhonda