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Field Monitoring from Georgia June 6,7 2013
by Rhonda Sofer - Friday, 12 July 2013, 9:52 AM


I am uploading the field monitoring reports from our Brussel Officers of Georgia and Israel.  Below is the report from Mr. Franz Steidele from Brussels who oversees Georgian TEMPUS programs.


Dear Ms Sofer,

 As part of our ongoing monitoring of Tempus IV activities in the Partner Countries, field monitoring visits of your above mentioned project took place on 6/06/2013 in Tbilisi and on 7/06/2013 in Telavi.

 Ms Lika Glonti, Director of the National Tempus Office (NTO) in Georgia, and Ms Nino Urushadze from the National Tempus Office in Georgia and I met and discussed the progress of activities with you and local representatives of the project.


We would like to thank you and all the representatives for the time devoted to the discussions and for having provided updated information on the progress that is being made towards the achievement of the project objectives.

According to the application your project "Development of an International Model for Curricular Reform in Multicultural Education and Cultural Diversity Training" (DOIT) enhances the quality of education in the participating Higher Education Institutions in Israel, Georgia and EU by designing, piloting and implementing curricular reform which promotes Multicultural Education and Cultural Diversity Training.

We were positively surprised to see how much your project has already contributed to the facilitating in exchange and sharing of knowledge among professionals involved in education. We appreciated in particular to experience the interesting exchange between the involved participants (including students) and the openness in addressing all kind of different project issues.

Some concerns were raised with regard to the timely purchase of the equipment which are mainly related to rather rigid internal procurement procedures of the involved Georgian institutions. We hope that this will be followed up in a systematic way in order to make the equipment as early as possible available during the project implementation.

Overall, the monitoring visit confirmed that the project is progressing well – all planed outcomes have been achieved so far and all activities are implemented with effective coordination and strong motivation of the project team.

Please consider, based on the report of the colleagues from the NTO, the following:


  • The only recommendation at this stage is aiming at better cross-coordination with other Tempus projects, having similar objectives, namely 530360-Tempus-2012-GE-JPCR “Development and Introduction of Multilingual teacher Education Programmes at Universities of Georgia and Ukraine”, coordinated by the Tbilisi State University and involving three out of seven DOIT partners.


We would kindly ask you to actively follow this recommendation as well as the ones given in the experts' evaluation during the implementation of the project and to provide us with information, latest with your Intermediate Report, on how you have addressed the corresponding issues.

Please ensure the circulation of this feedback to your partners.

We wish you a successful continuation of your activities.

Kind regards,



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