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Field Monitoring from Israel
by Rhonda Sofer - Friday, 12 July 2013, 9:55 AM

Dear DOIT consortium,

Below is the field monitoring report from Ms. Eva Valle Casaonava who is the Brussel's TEMPUS field officer for TEMPUS projects being implemented in Israel.


Dear Rhonda,

As you know, as part of our ongoing monitoring of Tempus IV activities, a field monitoring visit of your project has taken place in Israel on 05/05/2013. We would like to warmly thank you for the time devoted to the visit and the detailed information provided at this occasion to the representatives of the National Tempus Office.

Overall, it would seem from the visit that the project is progressing very well and that all the planned activities have been carried out according to schedule.

We are pleased to share with you the comments made by the monitoring team which were extremely positive:

  • Although the project is in its early phases, the progress and achievements to date are very impressive and many stakeholders have expressed interest in the project, illustrating the great need for modernization of curricula in this area.
  • Partners are enthusiastic and committed to achieving the goals of the project.
  • The project's portal assures good communication between the partners and is an excellent tool for project management.
  • As the project is steadily achieving its goals and producing results (courses will be ready to be piloted in the second year of the project), it appears to be well designed and feasible in the time-frame given. The project is also flexible to respond to changes. The work packages are dynamic and the partners indicated a number of modifications that occurred in order maximize partners' expertise and the project results.
  • There is a great sense of ownership by all partners who believe in the project's objectives and their applicability to the Israeli higher education arena. The project's management is in direct contact with all partners in Israel, Europe and Georgia. In addition, partners have been divided into working teams and a leader was appointed to each working team to manage their progress. The coordinator is in contact with the working team leaders on a regular basis.
  • While the DOIT project mainly involves partners from the fields of Education and Social Sciences, there are also partners who specialize in Mathematics and Computer Science. It is positive to note that the latter partners have a great contribution to the project as they present a different perspective from the representatives of education HEIs and therefore they bring innovative ideas.
  • The project's budget is managed in a transparent and efficient manner through the financial management area in the portal.
  • The Quality Assurance Team has been monitoring the project's work from the first consortium meeting onward and has created questionnaires, conducted observations of working sessions, and gathered data relating to the overall functioning, management and communication within the project.
  • Although the project is only in the middle of its first year, it shows great potential to have a significant impact on multiple levels of the participating institutions, as well as on additional aspects of the higher education system and society in Israel. The senior administration of the Gordon Academic College strongly supports the project and is involved in its implementation. This factor contributes to the success of the project and to the exposure of the project to additional stakeholders in Israel. In addition, the coordinator has built relationships with the senior administration of the partner institutions, which will assist in sustainability.  
  • It is also interesting to note the way in which the project has been adopted by the participating academic colleges (non-teaching training colleges). Although the project's main focus is on multiculturalism in teacher training, these institutions, having recognized the benefits of the project - have created new courses and adapted existing ones to emphasize the values that DOIT advances. 
  • Although the project is in the beginning of its eligibility period, the partners are already promoting the dissemination and sustainability aspects of the project.


We thank you for your commitment and excellent work in the implementation of this project and we wish you the best of success in the next activities to be carried out.


Kind regards,





Eva Valle Casanova

Project Officer


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