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Final announcement for requesting extra mobility
by Rhonda Sofer - Sunday, 25 August 2013, 2:45 PM

This is the final announcment to you about requesting extra mobility.  In order to get a better gage of our mobility needs, I requested DOIT's members to state if they feel that would need to change their mobility budget and if so, how much and from which budget line you would like to transfer it from.  Thus for example, there was a request from a partner for an additional mobility for 2 people from thier institute in order to collaborate on new programs with one of our DOIT partners.  They estimated their 3 day cost of stay and ticket as being around 2000 EUROS.    They stated that they would transfer their budget for the extra mobility from their prinitng and publishing budget lines to their mobility budget line.  I approved this adjustment.  

A reminder that there is no extra funds for mobility, rather I am willing to consider your requests of transfering monies from one of your budget lines (such as salaries or printing and publishing) to your mobility budget line.  I need to approve your request so please let me know.

IF I DO NOT HEAR FROM YOU BY AUGUST 31st, I will assume that you do not have any requests for extra mobility and will begin to work on our new budget that we need to submit to Brussels (since we are going over the 10% flexibility allowed for changes in the budget lines).

Thanks in advance for your confirmation,