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Schedule for May's Consortium Meeting and Holiday Greeting
by Rhonda Sofer - Friday, 11 April 2014, 11:48 AM

DOIT's 4th Consortium meeting (originally called an international meeting but was upgraded to a consortium meeting with the extension of our program) will be in Alhaltshke Georgia from May 26-29.   Attached is the schedule and program of our 4 days of working together.  The budget for the cost of stay for this consortium meeting will be 576 EUROs (travel costs of plane ticket etc. are seperate from this).  Stan,  DOIT's financial manager will be coming to this meeting so for those who are coming, PLEASE consult with the person who is responsible for DOIT's budget at your institution.  Stan will be meeting with a member of each institution to answer questions as well as explain specific issues that are related to your institution's management and use of DOIT's budget.   

To those members of DOIT who will be celebrating the upcoming Jewish Holiday of Passover, let me take this time of wishing you all a Happy and Enjoyable Holiday with your family and friends.   Easter is also coming up in April so let me wish those who celebrate Easter, an early Happy Holiday greetings too!

Looking forward to seeing those who will be coming to Georgia next month,

Best Wishes,