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Preparing for the 4th consortium meeting
by Rhonda Sofer - Friday, 9 May 2014, 6:20 PM

Dear DOIT members,

Some members did not receive this notice which I uploaded in the 4th consortium meeting site so I am uploading it here too.  I apologize to those who received this news item already:

It is time to get ready for our upcoming 4th consortium meeting in May (May 25-29) so that our sessions will be qualitative and effective.  Below are the relevant topics to be familiar with and to prepare materials on.   The more thought and work we do before this meeting in relation to the topics below, the better results we will have.

I am looking forward to our time together and planning DOIT’s dynamic program through August 15, 2015.

Please prepare for the following topics:

  1. Student representatives of each institution need to prepare a presentation which describes and discusses their activities done to date as what is planned for the final year.  Israeli student teams and Georgian Student teams need to build a program for a national student “happening” that promotes DOIT during the 2014-15 Academic year.
  2. Miriam (KAYE) and Nusaima (SAC) will present the course Identity Formation in a Multicultural Environment.  Miriam will focus on the rationale of the course.  Nusaima will present the various activities that Sachnin students have implemented while teaching this course.
  3. Nino (ISU) will help lead the presentation of the course Pedagogical Approaches.  Sylvia will be skyped in and each member of this development team will present their unit to the members of the consortium.
  4. Izabella will lead a presentation and discussion regarding the faculty training workshops.   Each institution needs to have a plan for a workshop for their faculty and in-service teachers regarding Promoting Children’s Rights as well as for possible training sessions to teach DOIT’s Courses.
  5. Publishing Handbooks:  All participants should be ready to discuss that kinds of handbooks that we should publish from DOIT and be ready to form teams to work on a plan and workschedule for  the writing, editing, and publication of these handbooks.
  6. Israel and Georgian members need to plan their national conference event that will present DOIT’s programs in their respective countries.   For Israel, we will probably have this conference one day before the international conference.  We will discuss this.
  7. Dissemination plans in your country:  What will you and your institution do in regards to promoting DOIT courses.
  8. Assessment and Evaluation Process:  summaries of what is and will be done at your institutions.  If you have ideas for possible research that we can collaborate with regarding the data, please prepare your ideas so that we can have a series of future collaboration of different team members who wish to work together on this for publication into academic articles.
  9. Ideas for new projects.  Please send me this by May 14 (next week) so we can organize this session efficiently.  Thanks.
  10. Bringing updated documents and questions regarding financial management for individual meetings with Stan.  Especially relevant for EU and Georgian Teams.


See you soon.  Best,