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FIeld monitoring report from Brussels: June 2014
by Rhonda Sofer - Tuesday, 29 July 2014, 8:05 PM

Dear DOIT members,

I am proud to present our latest field monitoring report which objectively reflects on our acheivements to date.  This report is a result of our positive and fruitful collaborative work together.    I have been asked to share the whole report with you.  This I am doing below.

Best wishes to you all,  Rhonda

Dear Ronda,

I would like to share with you and the project partners the main conclusions and results of the field monitoring visit that I have carried out together with Ms Marissa Gross Yarn, NEO Director, and Ms Kathrin Theurillat, NEO Assistant, in Haifa on 19/06/2014. Let me start by warmly thanking you and all the project representatives that were present at the meeting, for the time devoted to the visit and the detailed information provided to us.

The visit confirmed that the DOIT project remains highly relevant to all partners involved in the project, as well as the higher education system in Israel as a whole. All partners met in the field monitoring visit expressed their overwhelming enthusiasm about the project and the level of importance it has for their institutions. They showed exemplary ownership over the project, are extremely enthusiastic about its progress and the benefits it has for the various stakeholders involved in the project. The involvement of students in the project is especially noteworthy and their work appears to be greatly advancing multiculturalism in the partner institutions.

In terms of project management, we found that there is a good division of tasks and each partner has a clear defined role in the project. Although the network is very large, the project coordination maintains contact with all of them on a regular basis (and their senior administration). We appreciate that mechanisms have been established to ensure the involvement of all partners. For instance partners from Israeli, Georgian and European institutions are represented in all eight working teams of the project as to enable their input and contribution to the project.

Financial management is also good, with good understanding of rules and transparent management. We appreciate the sharing of expertise ensured by Georgian partners with previous experience in managing Tempus grants.

As regards the implementation of the planned activities, the level of achievement in terms of the newly developed courses and the student activities is laudable, with the partner institutions implementing activities beyond the scope of the original project proposal.

There is also good flexibility in adapting the project results to the specific need of each participating institution.

Strong dissemination of the project has been done on institutional, national and international levels. Multiple spin-off effects have been noted, as the partners utilize many platforms and opportunities to disseminate and exploit the results of the project. In particular, it is promising to see that the implementation of the results is being done in Israel, Georgia, Europe and other countries around the world. A sustainability plan has been discussed in each partner institution. 

Finally, for the upcoming year of the project, we noted positively the plans to continue the piloting of the newly developed courses and the student activities as well as to focus on dissemination. The final international conference on multicultural education to be organised in summer 2015 will be sponsored by different donors and it is expected to give great visibility to the project and its results.


As recommendations for further improvement, we would like to indicate the following:

  • In preparation for the international conference, it is recommended to involve stakeholders from the EU Delegation to Israel, relevant government ministries and other institutions not involved in the project in order to expand the publicity of the event and ensure greater impact and utilization of the project's results and outcomes.
  • A plan to continue to sustain and publicize the project's portal after the project's eligibility period would be advisable, in order to ensure that the outputs of the project are utilized by a widespread audience.
  • Continue current efforts to resolve the disagreements with the Inter-faith Encounters Association, bearing in mind the partner's assigned tasks in the project proposal and the Tempus Guidelines for the Use of the Grant. The involvement of the Quality Assurance Team is very important in this case. The NEO and EACEA project officer should be kept informed of further developments and are available to provide any support if need be.   

Finally, we would like to like to thank you once again for the meeting and for the excellent work done so far by the project partners in the implementation of the project. We would kindly ask you to share this feedback with all the project beneficiaries.


We wish you the best of success in the continuation of your activities.

Kind regards,






Project Adviser

 European Commission

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
Managing programmes and activities on behalf of the European Commission

Erasmus+:  Higher Education – International Capacity Building (Unit A4)
BOUR 00/11

Office Address: Rue Colonel Bourg, 135-139, B-1140

Postal Address: Avenue du Bourget, 1, B-1049


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Re: FIeld monitoring report from Brussels: June 2014
by Itamar Elmakias - Tuesday, 29 July 2014, 9:53 PM

Dear Rhonda,

Great news :)

On behalf of all Sapir International team I would like to thank you, and to say that we really proud to take part in DOIT project

Best regards,


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Re: FIeld monitoring report from Brussels: June 2014
by Nino Chiabrishvili - Tuesday, 29 July 2014, 10:12 PM

Dear Rhonda, 

I am so happy and proud for you and for all DOIT team. Let's hope that with new knowledge, skills and efforts we will be able to build more peaceful and just world!

With warmest wishes to all,


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Re: FIeld monitoring report from Brussels: June 2014
by Tamar Mosiashvili - Tuesday, 29 July 2014, 10:32 PM

Dear Rhonda,

Great news!

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Re: FIeld monitoring report from Brussels: June 2014
by Izabella Petriashvili - Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 8:58 AM

Dear Rhonda, 

Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful feedback!

I'm very proud to be the part of this great project. I will be happy if our project will contribute to making the world just and peaceful, as Nino said.

Thank you and all our partners for their great work!

With all the best wishes,


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Re: FIeld monitoring report from Brussels: June 2014
by Sue Jackson - Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 10:36 AM

As Bella says, this is really strong feedback. Many congratulations Rhonda on your ongoing leadership of this important project.  Sue

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Re: FIeld monitoring report from Brussels: June 2014
by Nino Sozashvili - Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 11:34 AM
Dear Rhonda, I'm so happy :) <3 Many congratulations on your ongoing leadership of this important project. Best, Nino Sozashvili
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Re: FIeld monitoring report from Brussels: June 2014
by Nino Chikovani - Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 12:10 PM

Thank you, Rhonda. Great news! As Nino said, happy and proud! Congratulations to all our partners!