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Draft of DOIT's handbook is uploaded to the portal for you to review
by Rhonda Sofer - Saturday, 25 April 2015, 11:07 PM

Draft of DOIT's handbook is uploaded to the portal for you to review.  Please make sure that the information about your institution is correct.  NO NEED FOR ENGLISH EDITING as BGU will be responsible for that.   

If we do not hear from you until May 9th, we will assume that everything is correct.

Thank you,


Picture of Rhonda Sofer
REMINDER: Final comments until May 9th
by Rhonda Sofer - Thursday, 7 May 2015, 7:20 AM

Thank those of you who have provided updated information for the handbook of DOIT's achievements.  As you will notice, your information has been integrated into this version.  I did not fix grammatical suggestions as this will be the task of an editor and BGU is responsible for this.

I did add a conclusion!  You are all invited to read it: pp 43-48.

Please note-  DOIT's syllabi have been edited and modified so that there would be consistency between the different courses. Only the universal courses are presented and only sources in English.   We listed all names of members of each course team who worked on the syllabi within the template that was used to unify our presentation.    

Appendix 3 we want to add some pictures of our DOIT student activities within our HEIs and also within elementary schools.  Pictures need to be good quality.  Please upload the pictures here in this section of our portal (OR send them to me and cc Hannah Moscovitz) so we can choose the pictures.  Just send 1-3 of your best pictures that you feel reflect the DOIT aims and objectives.

The pictures can be sent through May 15th since these are added last to the handbook.

Thank you.

Remember, on May 10th the BGU team will take control of this handbook for editing, graphics, printing and publishing.... (One handbook done--2-3 to go!!).

Thanks in advance for your input,

See you in June/July