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DOIT: August 15, 2015 end date and tying up loose ends.
by Rhonda Sofer - Sunday, 16 August 2015, 8:14 AM

Dear DOIT team members,

DOIT’s official program ended yesterday (which was the last day to use the budget as you have been reminded several times!).

For me DOIT has been an active part of my life for over 5 years.  Some of you (Eric, Ora, Mike, Sulev, Yaser, Nino (ISU), Bella and  Stan) have been involved in this program including  project development for 5 years. Most of you have invested countless hours working for the objectives of the program to insure that our program would be implemented successfully at your HEI.

Our successes are many and each one of us I believe can be proud of being a member of this DOIT team. You just need to re-read the handbook DOIT’s Major Achievements and Good Practices to gain a wide understanding on the different levels of what we have achieved in each of our working packages. All five handbooks are now available online through DOIT’s portal and you can share the link with colleagues from your own university and beyond.

The LINK is now open to the public and can be shared: http://tempus-doit.sapir.ac.il   Sapir Academic College, led by Dr. Hanan Maoz has committed to keep this site open for another two years.  

These handbooks reflect all aspects of our program from management, assessment, learning materials, student activities, and summarizing our achievements:

  1. DOIT’s Major Achievements and Good Practices
  2. Tips for Coordinating an International Curriculum Reform Program for Higher Educational Institutions
  3. An Introductory Manual for Assessing and Evaluating International Programs in Education (We just completed this last week thanks the hard efforts of Roxana and Manal.  This handbook, as "TIPs" could be used for courses of project management and as a guide to new ERASMUS+ projects).
  4. Children’s Rights in and through Education: Learning to Live Together
  5. DOIT’s Student Activities: Promoting Inter-cultural Relations and Understanding on Campus.

Although I coordinated DOIT, its achievements belong to the whole consortium and is a result I believe of the special culture of collaboration that we had and experienced through working together, sharing knowledge and collaborating on the highest and most intensive level. Although the coordinator is a key player in the development of this culture of collaboration, it is dependent upon the members of the consortium and thus, each one of you are responsible for this culture as well as our overall achievemenst.

I want to thank you all for your contribution and support through all stages of DOIT’s program. We still have one major obligation to fulfill: OUR FINAL REPORT which includes an outside audit.

We have asked for all narrative documentation of the program at your institution by adding material THAT IS NOT IN THE HANDBOOK OF OUR ACHIEVEMENTS to this note.  Otherwise, I will use the information in this handbook as reflecting the achievements at you institution.  Please send it this week if you have not by now. I HAVE ATTACHED THE FINAL REPORT FORM TO THIS NOTE FOR YOU TO REFER TO.  Some of you have already sent it back to me filled out in details (SSU, SJSU-thanks so much!! :).

Stan has asked for ALL FINANCIAL REPORTS as soon as possible but no later than August 30, 2015. Our audit process begins then. The auditor has the authority to list expenses as “illegible” so it is vital that you have provided all of the documentation required so that your institution will not “owe” money to the project and that we will be able to transfer the last tranche that the project owes us when our report is approved by Brussels and Gordon Academic College receives the last payment.

THE FINAL REPORT IS OFFICIALLY DUE 2 MONTHS AFTER PROJECT END: So we need to complete and sent to Brussels no later than October 15th, 2015. Since many of the Israeli institutions are closed several weeks in September, it is urgent that you provide us with this information that we need to complete the report by the dates that we requested. THANK YOU.

For those of you that have the luxury of a summer vacation--ENJOY!!  For others of us (guess who!) who  have not the time for this luxury, at least try to sneak  in a couple of days for yourself and your family. 

Although DOIT has officially ended, our programs are being sustained. It brings me great pleasure as well as professional satisfaction to know this.  Moreover, many of us will be continuing our professional ties in new ERASMUS+ projects.   I wish Eric good luck with his TEACHX selected ERASMUS+ application and to all other projects that are continuing some of our professional ties (e.g. Haifa I's selected ERASMUS+ project DARE).

For other members, our consortium is a resource to build new ERASMUS+ projects and I want to already express GCE willingness to consider being partners in new initiative.  I am sure many of us feel the same.  We all have alot to contibute to these kinds of programs.  I believe that having experienced the collaboration on its highest level, we can guide other projects on this same level and thus also contribute to their potential outcomes and achievements.

Wishing you all well and thanking you all again for being a part of the DOIT team.

Warmest and best wishes to all!


Coordinator of DOIT


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Re: DOIT: August 15, 2015 end date and tying up loose ends.
by Sue Jackson - Monday, 17 August 2015, 9:53 AM

Very many congratulations to you, Rhonda, on completing this important work - a fantastic achievement.  Hopefully you can now sit back and rest a little!