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For those who are NOT celebrating Christmas.....
by Rhonda Sofer - Tuesday, 22 December 2015, 8:01 PM

Dear DOIT team members who  are NOT celebrating these Holidays now,  I hope you are all working on the documents that are required by Brussels to validate your budget items.  The supporting documents that we need are for those specific salaries which were listed in the 14 page document that I sent to you.  Please read pages 1-3 which specify what documents are required.

In addition, I sent the specific institutions emails specifying the additional equipment documentation that the Agency is  requesting (the listing of the equipment in your universities inventory---we have the invoices and receipts).   Other than that and the extra documentation for salaries, we appear to have all other documents that are required.  There are hundreds of documents and Stan is grinding through each budget category to make sure all is in our possession.

If you have any question, please contact us.  THIS IS A SERIOUS AUDIT and if we fail to provide the additional documentation, those budget items will be declared illegible by the Agency....something none of us want.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.   

Best Wishes,


ps for our Chirstmas celebrators---you will be getting personal emails from me after January 4th so you do not feel left out!  :)