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DOIT's post-financial check is on its way to Brussels
by Rhonda Sofer - Thursday, 4 February 2016, 1:10 PM

Dear DOIT's consortium,

Stan and I have completed the task of organizing more than 3,000 pages of printed financial or supporting documents that have been requested by Brussels in thier "post-financial check process".   It was not an easy task as several of you know, but in the end we have most if not all of the documents that Brussels have required us to organize.

We have no idea of how long the process will be to review these documents.   We do know that we have worked hard to present them in the  best manner possible in order to have our budget items defined as eligible and so that we will receive the last payment.

As always, we will share any important information that we receive from Brussels.

Let me wish you all well....

Rhonda and Stan