Picture of Rhonda Sofer
Summary of Field Monitoring Visit May 5th
by Rhonda Sofer - Monday, 6 May 2013, 9:53 AM

The DOIT Israeli Team presented DOIT's achievements to date and discussed our future plans for implementation, dissemination and sustainability yesterday, May 5th,  at our first field monitoring visit which occurred at the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzylia.

Israel's National Tempus Representatives, Ms. Shira Lanir and Ms. Marissa Gross were responsible for the field monitoring and the members of the Israeli DOIT team: Manal, Ora, Oded, Miriam, Liraz, Hannah, Ronen, Roxana and Assaf all presented summaries of what their teams are accomplishing and what is happening at their specific institution.

We also began to discuss the final consortium meeting in Israel which will include an international conference at the end.  We will be looking for extra funds to bring over guest speakers and experts and discussed the possibility of forming partnerships with Embassies and foundations that would support this endeavour.  We ask ALL of DOIT's consortium to begin thinking of possible funding sources and to send Rhonda the names of foundations and contacts that you may have that may help us with this mission.

Looking forward to our work together in Linz.  I know we all have lots to do before then---so let me wish everyone a productive May and June!  Let's DOIT well!!

Best wishes to you all,   Rhonda