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Sweeden-Georgia 2013
by Gulnara Janova - Monday, 20 May 2013, 8:34 PM

Dear All.

      I am writing to inform you that  Samtskhe-Javakheti  State University hosted  English  and Sweden  students - Pascal Jerome ,  Johanna Adolfsson and  Ina Lundströmon   on  25 March,  2013 . The aim of their visit was to exchange cultures , to  introduce their culture to Georgian students and vice versa. They showed slides and  spoke about  Sweden, Swedish trade and industry, the typical Swedish family and life,   British traditions. There were a lot of questions, exchange ideas and experiences in multiculturalism. Our students showed them historical places of Samtskhe-Javakheti and at the end there was a concert of Georgian folk dances and songs and poetry.

      In the evening  we took our guests to see Rabati ( the old part of the town reconstructed in 2012) and Saphara Monastery built in the XII c. It was an forgettable day.  Everybody saw that culture is a bridge  that  connects  people and encourage them understand each other well.

Kind Regards,

Gulnara Janova