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Dr. Rhonda Sofer, program initiator and coordinator, is an applied anthropologist  (BA, Fairleigh Dickinson U in Madison New Jersey and M Phil and, PhD from Rutgers, New Brunswick , New Jersey), and the Director of The Multicultural Educational Resource Center at Gordon, the Academic College of Education.  Lecturing in Higher Educational Institutions in Israel since 1979, Rhonda has introduced anthropology and multicultural education to thousands of Israeli Jewish and Arab students and teachers, initiated and/or developed resources for projects ranging from  a mentoring program for Ethiopian children, tolerance education programs in Hebrew and Arabic speaking schools,  A Holocaust teacher training program, a program that empowers Ethiopians to be teachers, an  international tri-city project (Haifa-Boston-Dnepropetrovsk) which trains teachers at a Ukrainian  Center for Special Needs (since 2002) and a student-foreign exchange program.


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